Islam Unveiled (Part 3)

The Quran is not the Word of God

Supporters of the Quran make claims that are self-contradictory. None more obvious then the assertion made by Mohammed when he pointed to the Old and New Testament as the basis of authority of his teaching and even went so far as to tell others to compare his teachings to the Bible’s in order to lend credibility to his own words. Sura-13,16,17,20,21,23,25,26,28,29,32,35 39-48,53,54,61,62,66,74,80, 87,98,…etc. The Quran itself teaches that it is a continuation of the Bible and it will not contradict it Sura 2:136. Since the Bible came 600 years before the Quran, it is only logical to acknowledge it as the higher authority. The Quran must yield to it and corroborate it. However, once comparisons are made we find this is not the case. The Quran contradicts the plain truth of Scripture in many places, especially with regard to the doctrine of the crucifixion. The Quran says that Jesus did not die on the cross. Sura 4:157,158. The Bible devotes a third of the space in the Gospels alone to the final week of Christ leading up to the Crucifixion, where it speaks in great details about his death, resurrection and ascension. The Muslim scholar who wishes to fend off his critics finds himself in a bind at this point. For he opposes the cross and what it stands for, yet realizes that the Bible is spoken of in the Quran as reliable and because the Bible precedes it and it has been established and appealed to as written by the same God as the Quran the Muslim finds himself in a quandary. More often than not, his response is forced to reckon the implausible. He insists that Allah cannot make mistakes and that the Quran cannot be wrong in the face of obvious inconsistencies. Here is where the Christian can speak with confidence about the Bible as not being problematic when brought under scrutiny. In fact the Bible encourages a fair and open examination of its content in its historical setting, its theological accuracy, and literary genre. Many have started out as skeptics but became believers once they understood the central message and origin of this book. The Islamic scholar may purport inspiration for the Quran but cannot support their claim. To the contrary, any clear and logical study becomes almost impossible since any criticism of the Quran is considered blasphemous and such an endeavor would be met with grave consequences. One can see then how little real research has ever been attempted by the Arab world regarding the Quran.

When faced with contradictions in their book, the Muslim must insist that the Quran is correct and that the Bible has been corrupted. It does not seem to matter that the Christian can point to thousands of manuscripts both Greek and Hebrew with no apparent errors while the Quran does not have any of its original documents. When Mohammed went into a trance or seizure what he said was recorded afterwards on whatever available surface material could be found. Often his words were recorded on bones, stones, palm leaves, tree bark and sometimes put to memory and given afterwards to be recorded. There are many mistakes in the Quran about Biblical characters and events. The Quran does teach a six day creation, but in another place it speaks of an eight day creation when you add up the days from Sura 41:9, 10, 12. The Quran says that one of the sons of Noah refused to go into the ark and drowned Sura 11:32-48. The Quran reports that Ishmael went to sacrifice with his father Abraham and not Isaac as the Bible teaches. The Quran speaks of Mary as giving birth under a palm tree and not in a stable. Mistakes about Joseph, Moses, Mary, Jesus and other Biblical characters along with teachings about the Holy Spirit, and Christ life, mission and imminent return are only but a small portion of these. The contradictions number well over a hundred so that in the final analysis any notion that Allah and the Christian God are the same is unfounded. The Quran is not a continuation of the Bible. This matter then brings up an interesting question: how then did accounts from the Bible find its way into the Quran?

Simply put portions of the Scriptures along with a wide selection of other material can be found in the Quran. Mohammed drew on material from varying sources to make up the Quran. Jewish, Arabian fables, Sabian, Gnostic and Eastern religious sources were already in existence in the surrounding cultures of that day. No one can confidently hold that this synthesis of religious material from Pre-Islamic Arabic cultures was in actuality a revelation from heaven. Middle Eastern Scholarship has proven that the religion of Islam was really a composite of previous known beliefs and practices of that time. Mohammed conveniently amalgamated them into one system and even added some of his own thoughts to it.

So how then can we be so sure that the Bible is the true Word of God? In two weeks time: Why confidence in the Bible is well warranted.

Islam Unveiled (Part 2)

Key to understand Islam Ideology

To understand Islam requires a shift from a democratic to an imperialistic viewpoint. To Western thought the concept of separation of church and state is a familiar theme and quite visible in our Canadian culture. While society is regulated by secular laws, it is not reasonable to expect speed limits or political laws to be governed by religion. Naturally, a wall of separation exists between church and state. Islam knows of no such arrangement. Every aspect of life is dictated by Islamic law. The key for us to remember is that the religion of Islam is inseparable from culture, religion and politics. Islam seeks complete control over every area of society, and a country like Egypt where secularism does exist is one of the few exceptions. For the devout Muslim assimilation is not something they seek to do once in another culture but instead wish to overtake it. Muslim imperialism continues today in the march toward global domination and has been for the last 1500 years against hundreds of nations and over millions of square miles. Imperialism is the policy and practise of seeking to dominate the economic and political affairs of weaker countries. It is not an exaggeration to say that Muslim imperialism began about ten years before Mohammed`s death and remains in effect to this day. Of course history is much more complex than simple figures and certainly nominal Christians of that day were not always blameless, but the brutal and violent deaths of Christians and murderous invasions have not ceased since then.

Jesus never used violence to force conversion or call his disciples to use it. The spread of God`s Word came through compassion and mercy. The preaching of the gospel enabled many to deal with their sins and in turn to love Christ and His kingdom. The measure of any conversion is the disciple that it makes and Christ followers were expected to give their lives unlike jihad through threat and terror, but by the sheer love of Christ placed in each one who are faithful to His calling. Conversion of the heart is the act of God working in a person to turn them from their sins to repentance and faith in Christ alone. It is ridiculous to believe that this can come about by holding a sword to someone’s throat on the pain of death and still speak of genuine conversion. Yet, according to the Quran: Never in its history did Islam compel a single human being to change his faith. Sura 2:256.

As much as Islam describes itself as a peaceful religion, nothing can be further from the truth. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah made it abundantly apparent that real peace only comes to the redeemed. Sheer force and aggression is not the answer. The cross of Christ has made peace a reality with God. The death of Christ and resurrection is the fundamental fact that separates Christian faith from all other faiths. It interprets and puts everything in relation to each other and brings peace to broken relationships in a fallen world where the only way back to God is through Christ atoning work on the cross. Orthodox Muslims hate the cross, and that though the Quran places Jesus high on their list of prophets, they deny His death and need for atonement and hold a strong aversion to what the doctrine of the cross teaches. It becomes difficult for the Muslim to accept that a major prophet could be subject to the ridicule of men and reduced to a lowly posture as a servant only to be killed as though a common criminal. This however, shows how much the Arab mind misses the mark for the need of a Savior, and the importance of a substitution in our place to pay the price for our offences before a Holy God.
Although the cross may be a stumbling block for some, the fact remains that it is the only way into the heart of the non-believer. The way of the cross is the way of salvation. Christians must confront Muslims with the gospel and nothing less will do. The full power of the gospel must be brought upon their lives both in word and deed. There is nothing more powerful than when the message of salvation is accompanied by Christlike living. That occurs when the gospel is consistently lived before the lost and that the saving message is given in confidence that only the gospel can save a person.

In two weeks time, join us for part 3, unsubstantiated claims about the Quran.

Islam Unveiled (Part 1)

I am unsure how many more wish to hear about the crisis in our world. Daily acts of violence and murder against innocent Christians and Jews are being reported all the time. The recent massacre in Paris is just one instance in a war that is being waged for global domination by Muslims. A bloodbath took place in Nigeria where Boko Haram murdered 2,000 non-Muslims and burned the village to the ground. In Pakistan another 145 were attacked and murdered; this time young students, mostly Christians. Here in Ottawa Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in his failed attempt to murder government officials was reported to have left behind a recording where he spoke of his mission as a form of jihad. A couple of days earlier another attack; this time against two members of the Canadian Armed Forces who were purposely struck by a car in a parking lot in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., driven by Martin Rouleau who had converted to Islam a year earlier. In these and many other acts of terror the Quran instructs the killing of infidels, who happen to be any who are not Muslim. What is even more disturbing is that from its inception, beginning in the latter part of the 7th century to now with a few relative periods of peace which happened mostly due to nations who rose up to defend themselves, that much of the Islamic aggression and violence stemmed from a strict adherence to the Quran. Surprisingly many in the West seem quite ignorant about the Quran and its teaching. A perfunctory reading of the Quran finds at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with non-Muslims and to kill them if they refuse to convert. Quran 2:191-193. 2:224, 2:216, 3:56, 4:74, 76, 4:89, 95. 104…etc.1 For those who are not Muslims the choices are clear: either convert, face death or become subject to dhimma, a formal pact that allows a non-Muslim to escape execution by paying an oppressive tax and follow a strict code of conduct which subjects the individual to legal, social and religious discrimination. Mohammed saw its worth as this form of slavery became an economic resource, especially where financial substance and bureaucratic needs in Muslim communities were largely inadequate and subsequently met by Christians and Jews who were forced to accept these conditions or die. It continues even today in some Islamic lands such Syria, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, and Iran to name several. You can be sure that where Shariah law is imposed that servitude and subjugation follows. If any defiance is sensed or met, it may lead to even greater consequences. While one member under dhimma may offend, it may be treated as though the whole Christian community is responsible and therefore must bear the burden of collective guilt and pay the price of collective retribution. Even a breach by a single individual dhimma could result in jihad being enacted against the whole community. This may explain why there is no public outcry from those living under the Islamic regime against these repressive arrangements since to do so would invite greater punishment.

Many of our government officials do not appear to take seriously Islam`s history and practices.  It is public knowledge that Kathleen Wynne, our provinces` premier, supports Shariah Law to decide family disputes among Muslims. Fortunately she and her party`s attempts to do so were frustrated back in 2004-05. The outcry from Muslim women alone was evidence enough that its laws would ultimately restrict the rights of Muslim women and children. It should be observed that wherever Shariah Law is practiced a form of dhimma exists and closes the gap for a future Islamic State. Politicians like Wynne wish to appear accommodating by giving approval to Islamic prayers in certain schools; 2 the same schools where Christian prayers are no longer heard, or as President Obama did at the United Nations, by speaking in glowing terms of Islam’s past, yet while on his home soil making sure never to use the word Muslim to describe the many jihadist killings in America today — only serve to dull the collective consciousness of the nation to the ever growing threat of Islam that we all must face.

What can be done?  Anyone who is a Believer should tell the truth even against the tide of political correctness and self-censorship. The silence of fear must stop. God tells us that there is one truth. It is in Christ. Some do not know Christ or His Word but may discover what our young adults did when they personally experienced salvation. They understand that Christ Himself and His Word are true. The following response is drawn from our young adults about the growing global threat and what Christians can do about it:

           For starters, Christ calls Christians to conduct spiritual warfare: not the type with swords and guns, but in prayer and witness.  Christ’s Words can be so sweet yet can also be painful such as giving up everything in our life for Him. It is difficult indeed to live up to such a command. But do not forget that it was He who chose to open our eyes; to reveal Biblical truth for us to see. The people of this world walk around as though blindfolded; they do not see the truth about life and salvation on their own but God can make them see and often sends a believer their way in order to explain the gospel to them. Christians are not to be silent and fearful but are to share the gospel. The Muslim is quick to defend their people and religion. We Christians are not putting up a strong enough battle for their souls. Our brethren are being persecuted (in Islamic countries). We should live our lives as though we were experiencing the same hardship as though it were ours and to make every effort to love the Muslims and pray for them that they get converted. Many Muslims are looking for something but do not know the gospel. You cannot find hope in the Quran. The Bible teaches that Christians must persevere until death or the return of Christ. This will be followed by Judgement where all injustices will be judged and punished. Our victory is in Jesus. God was victorious on the cross, where He bound Satan, and bought us with His redeeming blood.

After hearing this you can see why that staying true to our calling as ambassadors for Christ is important. He sacrificed His life for us so we should commit our lives to Him. Christians are to operate purely out of love and concern to win converts with the gospel, and not to stop for anything!

In two weeks time, join us for part 2, the most important thing in understanding Islam.


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