Truth-Tellers Needed

 A recent survey placed a certain percentage of society as being suspicious about  the Canadian media whereabouts slightly less than half of Canadians do not trust the media (TV, radio, and print).  Building news from laptops without personal encounters appear to be the norm these days, add to that the the flag of political correctness can lead to less than honest reporting.  Derek Sloan, an MP hoping to be the leader of the Conservative party questioned who Theresa Tam is working for China or Canada, and many from the news media jumped on him for what they thought were inflammatory remarks against her, calling him both a racist and his words discriminatory.   Lets find out the whole story here before going any further.  Theresa Tam did and still does represent the World Health Organization who did have a seat on their Emergency Committee for the Covid 19 outbreak.   She sited the same Chinese propaganda a number of times that this virus would not spread globally.   Dr. Tam was one of seven members that gave oversight to WHO making sure that they kept China honest about they communicated about the risk this virus posed so that the rest of the world may be kept safe.  It was on Dr. Tams duty to see to it that any outbreak would be averted. Honesty and transparency needs no apology especially when This pandemic could have been contained had the committee which Dr. Tam was part of immediately alerted the rest of the world on the outset of its spread.  Instead, they followed China`s recommendations.   So when the MP, Derek Sloan asked “Who does she work for China or Canada”,  you could not fail to see his use of rhetoric behind his concern for the rest of us.  He was holding Dr Tam accountable.  Yet, in spite of the obvious failure of Dr. Tan and the committee’s to give proper oversight,  the media along with our Prime Minister vilified Mr. Sloan and thus deflected attention away from Dr. Tam`s bad judgment.  Justin Trudeau even went as far as to say “that intolerance and racism have no place in our country,” which only added further frustration of ever holding Dr. Tam`s accountable for her actions.  Is it any wonder, that once held trust in hallowed institutions are gone.

One should not have to apologize for telling the truth.  This is especially true of Christians.   But in a politically charged society telling it like it is can get you in hot water.  Just think of the times that a Christian voices a contrary view about abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, these are red button issues whereas generations ago they were not.  Try to speak about these as  morally wrong, sinful in fact, and expect accusations of racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and in some cases even called hate crimes will often be the response you get.  Christians should never promote sin nor apologize for standing against it, and definitely must avoid being intimidated into silence;  we are the voice of reason in a world gone amok.  We must exemplify what it means to live honest and holy lives before a society in crisis.   In the same token, mid-week prayer meetings, gatherings for worship, or telling neighbours about Jesus, should be the norm for us, if not, than remorse for not doing what Jesus commands should follow, especially for missed opportunities to please God which may not always be ours if we continue to neglect His Word.  A wonderful verse from the Bible tells us about our need to be truth-tellers.  

Instead, we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of his body, the church.” Ephesians 4:15

Warrne Wiersbe once said:   “Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.”

Many are anxious and concerned not only because of the pandemic but morally speaking about lies, deception, and distrust filling our living spaces — who can you believe these days anyway? — much of it symptomatic of man`s fallenness.   Christians must then consider their place at this moment in history and see truth as a veritable treasure to be distributed liberally.   The Gospel needs to be sent out and examined by its recipients because of its worth, since without it, none can address the offshoot of a larger problem, a secular world view which many believe.  God has entrusted His Word to Christians so lets live by it and speak to others about it.   The world knows little about the true gospel, and now with this pandemic the impact it has had on all our lives, life as we once knew it has been inalternatively changed, yet gospel truth remains and as much needed now as ever before!   We hope and pray for a vaccine soon, but more importantly that Christians everywhere take up their responsibilities and attend to needy souls.  

  “Jesus calls us to root out hypocrisy, lies, false flattery, pride, and manipulative communications with others. Instead, we must speak truth with humility, grace, simplicity and most of all, love. (Pastor Curtis Johnson)