Take the Only Way Out!

Recent demonstrations against the shelving of sex education under the previous premier is another sign of a world gone made with sin. The political leaders are concerned about setting the province back twenty or so years if it is discontinued in schools. So what is so bad to going back to a time when better morals were in our schools? Long before this society actually had a better sense of what is good for children but now things have gotten so bizarre. Every year homosexuals and lesbians parade themselves in front of thousands perverting the thinking of children and infants not to mention young teens in our cities. A few weeks back a transgender, an old man dressed like a woman with obvious surgical procedures, was in a store of which I had to steer a young lady away from for risk of scaring and disgusting her. On the flip side, a man with a Bible in hand is posted on a billboard in California to advertise Christian meetings was taken down later because a complaint was made and to think that the only thing that can restore values for a healthy spiritual life is taken away because it upsets some who wish to shade out sin with their own version of what is good in this world and it usually starts with insisting on doing whatever they wish as long as no one are hurt by it. Of course all of the nation pays for the sins of its people much like we are today with the ever increasing agenda of lesbians and  homosexuals, abortionists, pot campaigners, anarchists, and medical assisted suicide advocates to name a few make this country ripe for judgment. No doubt if it is not happening already through a steady stream of defiant behavior against our Maker. None of us can re-write the Ten Commandments so why is man trying so hard to set himself against the good, proper and right ways of God? The answer why that is happening should be no secret to any who are willing to consider the dark side of sin.

The Bible tells us that men love darkness rather than light. In fact they hide from it. That is why mounting opposition against Biblical values and truths are witnessed every day. God has His people everywhere and their voices are heard, though. Christians pray for this world, and testify to the saving grace of God to those who will listen. You may have received a gospel tract or been told the gospel. While the world and its occupants thinking they are free from condemnation attempt to silence the Church with newer and more outlandish laws against them, Christians continue to promote the gospel. A recent ruling against a Christian law university were found in contravention of people’s rights for having a code of morality in its constitution. It ruled that people’s rights would be offended if their standard of Biblical ethics which states that it does not accept adultery were allowed to stand. The idea that society wants its lawyers to be comfortable with cheating and double-dealings on your mate as something not to be frowned upon is in itself disgraceful, that is, if you have morals to even start with. If you wish to see how much more our society can slide into the abyss of sin just go back to the archives of man from Genesis where we read about the Sodomites from two ancient cities, Sodom and Gomorrah. Early in that segment of man’s history homosexuals came knocking at Lot’s door to gang rape his two male visitors. But they never had the chance since the would be assailants were struck down with blindness first. Not long after God destroyed the people of those cities. Righteous judgment was rendered. Today’s courts and politicians rule and decide legislation often according to their own agendas and human based values.  The Judaeo-Christian system we long enjoyed is no longer dominant. Recent hate laws may have some justification but have been jettisoned from its original design to silence opponents who only wish to maintain their Christian standards and identity. Well that is where we find ourselves as a society so far and the future does not look much better. The best thing to do now would be to consider a voice from the past who spoke out against rampant and deepening wickedness in the nation he was sent to and make it our own message, since our world continues in rebellion against its Maker. Isaiah says:

 And in mercy shall the throne be established: and he shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness (Isa. 16:5)

You are encouraged to seek the Lord while He may be found.  Pray to Christ today for forgiveness of your sins. Trust Him to lead you and repent of your sins while time remains.